Our  Mission:

Our research focuses on marine ecosystem responses; understanding relationships between organisms and their environment and specific biological and physiological responses to environmental change. 

In particular, we are interested in the mechanisms by which anthropogenic-driven perturbations such as nutrient enrichment and pollution, global climate change, the presence of coastal structures, or other human pressures affect coastal habitats and species.  We give special focus to commercially important coastal bivalves, horseshoe crabs, manatees and dolphins.

Horseshoe crab

Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Eating
credit:  unknown

We use a variety of approaches to make these assessments.  We measure how perturbations affect habitat and food quality for consumers, and then determine the extent to which these effects may be transferred up coastal food webs in terms of change in growth, survival, and physiology.  We also employ natural abundance stable isotopes to trace N and C sources from consumers to their food sources and ultimately to N and C sources from land.  We use this information to discern trophic interactions and define linkages between anthropogenic factors (such as wastewater) and organism responses.  These tools also allow us to assess nutritional importance of food sources, discern physiological state of organisms, and historically trace responses to environmental change.

Current Opportunities:

  • Volunteer opportunties - We periodically select 2-3 undergraduates for 3-month volunteer internships. ¬†Please contact econdon@disl.org¬†if you are interested in an intern position in the next 3-6 months

  • Prospective Students *accepted through Univ. of South AL

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