Who We Are

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ruth H. Carmichael PhD.

Curriculum Vitae

My research focuses on marine ecosystem responses; understanding relationships between organisms and their environment and specific biological and physiological responses to environmental change.  In particular, I am interested in the mechanisms by which anthropogenic-driven perturbations affect coastal habitats and species.  I give special focus to assessing nutritional importance of food sources, discerning physiological state of organisms, and historically tracing responses to environmental change for commercially important coastal bivalves, horseshoe crabs, manatees and dolphins.  



Lab Technicians

Elizabeth Hieb (M.S. University of South AL)
Courtney Miller (B. S. University of South AL)

Graduate Students

Heather Patterson, PhD Student
"Use of stable isotope ratios and protein regulation to detect dissolve oxygen stress in the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica"

Allen Aven, PhD Student
"Habitat use by the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus) in Alabama waters"

Elizabeth S. Darrow Condon, PhD Student
"Evaluating historical and spatial anthropogenic impacts in a coastal estuary system using chemical and microbial indicators"

Joe Dalrymple, M. S. Student



Andrew Morin (Warren Wilson College)
Ben Nagel (Iowa State)

Pavel Dimens (State University of New York)
Jessica Lajoie (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Kristin Marino (University of Vermont)
LaTina Gambles (D.V.M. Tuskegee University, AL)
Misty Caruthers (B.S. Auburn University, AL)
Margaretmary Gilroy (Holy Cross College)
Thomas Bilbo (Denison University)
Elizabeth Lauss (Florida Institute of Technology)
Maury Estes (Directed Studies)

John McFadden (Directed Studies: University of Alabama, AL)
Amanda Jones (REU: Rutgers University, NJ)
Ryan Crim (Western Washington University, WA)

Katie Interlicha (Auburn University, AL)
Erik Brush (Spring Hill College, AL)
Emily Stauss (Vassar College, NY)
Courtney Miller (University of South Alabama, AL)

Carolyn Kovacs (College of William & Mary; Williamsburg, VA)
Maury Estes (Directed Study; Alabama A&M, AL)

Allen Aven (NGI; Univ. Tennessee, TN)
Heather Juedes (Directed Study; Auburn Univ., AL)

Joshua Daskin (REU; Brandeis Univ., MA)
Lauren Waters (Directed Study; Auburn Univ., AL)


High School Interns

Jacy Baggett (Murphy High School, AL)

Cameron Welch (Benjamin Russel High School, AL)

Former Graduate Students

Peter Biancani, MS 2010
Seasonal and spatial effects of wastewater effluent on oyster growth, survival, and accumilation of pathogenes in Mobile Bay, AL.











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